Joyfulpuppies Inc.


We would like to thank you for your purchase.  We offer your purchased puppy a guarantee against inherited congenital defects, such as hip dysplasia, heart murmur level 3 to 6, etc for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


We will extend this guarantee to two years if you only use the TLC Petfood that we recommend.


Just like babies, your puppy requires vaccinations to build up immunity. Your puppy had his/her first needle and vet check done around 7 weeks of age. Your next vet visit will be around................................ for a check up and second needle. Please DO NOT bring in a stool sample before this date. Since stress can contribute to soft stool that will most likely be gone after the first 2 weeks. In case you do  have concerns, please CALL ME. In the event there is an inherited congenital health issue during that first year, the issue must be confirmed in writing by a certified veterinarian and deemed incurable.

If this event occurs we will discuss the issue with our vet and determine how much of the purchase price we will refund. (Maximum of 50% of purchase price)


All veterinarian bills will be assumed by the buyer……...(initial). The seller also reserves the right to get a veterinarian diagnosis, at the seller’s expense, if the seller feels it may be necessary.

This guarantee is void in the case that a female dog has been bred before the end of this guarantee. All veterinarian records must be made available to the seller upon request, if a problem does occur. If proper care cannot be proven through the veterinarian records, this contract may be voided.

If you start any serious treatment in the first two weeks after purchasing your puppy without having contacted us, this contract is voided……. (initial).


As the new owner of this puppy I understand that replacing a puppy brings stress and therefore can develop stress related issues like: Coccidea, Giardia and Hypoglycemia. These are common and are not a cause for refund of vet bills .........(Initial).  However we do everything in our power to make sure they go home healthy. There is no guarantee on any puppy for accidental death, injury, abuse, neglect, umbilical cord hernia, loose stool, dry skin, stress, or diet change........(initial).  The exact size and weight of a puppy is not guaranteed.


Additional Terms 
Please make sure that the pet you choose is a carefully thought out decision.  We are sorry but we cannot accept the return of a puppy for the following reasons; 1) Allergy. 2) Approval of spouse or room mate. 3) Acceptance by other pets. 4) Changed mind. 5) Behavioral issues, i.e. barking, disciplining issues. 6) Landlord acceptance, 7) Parasites  ........(initial)


New puppy owners frequently panic if the puppy develops diarrhea.  If you have any concerns or questions simply call us.  Most of all do not panic, and remember that all of us involved want to ensure that the transition period from our home to your home is a smooth one, and that your experience as a puppy owner is a happy and enjoyable one.

We hope all our puppies have gone to happy homes where they will be loved and properly cared for!


By signing this document you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions and recognize that this is a legal binding contract and you are at least 18 years of age. THE GUARANTEE/AGREEMENT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE!




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