House training doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Just follow the 10-step-plan for a happy and hygienic puppy.

  • 1. Decide where you want your puppy to eliminate.

    Take it there every time until it gets the idea. Especially RIGHT after it wakes up from a nap and right after it drinks water. Pick a spot that is easy to access. Remember, puppies have very little time between “gotta go”and “oops”.

  • 2. Teach an elimination cue, such as “go potty” or “go pee”.

    Say this every time you take your puppy to eliminate. Don’t keep repeating the cue, just say it once or twice then keep quiet so won’t distract the dog.

  • 3. Praice

    Praise calmly when your dog eliminates, but stand there a little longer in case there’s more.

  • 4. Keep potty outings for potty only.

    Take the dog to the designated spot, tell it “go potty” or “go pee” and stand there. If it needs to eliminate, it should do so within five minutes.

  • 5. Don’t punish for potty accidents – punishment can hinder progress.

    If you catch your puppy in the fact, verbally interrupt but don’t scold. Gently carry or lead your puppy to the approved spot, let it finish, than praise.

  • 6. If it’s too late to interrupt the accident

    Scoop the poop or blot up the urine afterward with a paper towel. Immediately take your pup and its deposit (gently!) to the potty area. Place the poop or trace of urine on the ground and praise the pup. If it sniffs at its waste, praise more. Let your puppy know how you’re pleased when it’s waste is in the proper area.

  • 7. Keep track of when and where your puppy eliminates.

    Keep track of when and where your puppy eliminates, that will help you anticipate potty times. Regular meals mean regular elimination, so feed your puppy scheduled, measured meals instead of free-feeding (leaving food available all times).

  • 8. Hang a bell on a sturdy cord from the doorknob.

    Before you open the door to take your puppy out for potty, shake the string and ring the bell. Most dogs soon realize the connection between the bell ringing and the door opening; then they’ll try it out for themselves. Listen for that bell!

  • 9. Dogs naturally return to re-soil where they’ve previously eliminated

    Dogs naturally return to re-soil where they’ve previously eliminated, so thoroughly clean up all accidents. Get yourselves a spray bottle and fill it up with 1/10 vinegar and rest with water. This will take away the smell. Keep lots of paper towel handy.

  • 10. If the ground is littered with too much waste

    If the ground is littered with too much waste, your puppy may seek a cleaner place to eliminate. Scoop the potty area daily, leaving just one “reminder”.