Joyfulpuppies Inc.


Congratulations on purchasing a puppy from us!

We would like to share some more info on the puppy you just bought from us. As for many it is their first experience with a puppy, for some maybe a long time ago.



We give our puppies puppy food from TLC Petfood.. You can only order that online and it will be delivered free to your home!!! It is a good 4 1/2* rated food out of 5, manufactured in Canada. It keeps the teeth clean and your puppy healthy.

Feeding guideline: (see bag of food):.................................. per day, spread over 3 meals. But you can feed as much as your puppy wants for the first few months. The food bag shows also a recommended amount depending on their weight. Check this regularly. For smaller breeds we recommend adding some canned puppy mousse for the first 2 weeks after bringing puppy home.  Also we recommend to add 1 teaspoon of melted Virgin Coconut oil unto the kibbles.(do not melt in microwave because it takes away the good qualities) melt the coconut oil "au bain Marie".  This helps get your puppies digestive system healthy.  After a couple of months when the biggest growth has happened, you can go back to feeding twice a day. Make sure your puppy has always fresh water available.

Sometimes a puppy can feel lost, overwhelmed, shy, from the newness of being in a new environment, and can stop eating. What helps is to add a little hot water to his/her kibble, or some dog food from a tin. He often will be interested again in eating. But give it just for a short time, as the dry food is better. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PUPPY EATS AND DRINKS, because it can quickly dehydrate if it doesn't eat or drink, especially in the first 48 hours after being placed in a new home, and get very sick.  If there is some lose stool you can give 1 tbs pure pumpkin puree which you can find in the grocery baking isle and add 1 tsp coconut oil as spoken of previously.

In 5-7 days you should see improvement.

If this information has been tried out and you still have concerns, please call us!! Do not wait too long.



Please see for handy tips the article on our website: www.joyfulpuppies.com



Every puppy will go through a teething stage, which means for a few weeks he will bite and chew on everything that will make the uncomfortable feeling in their mouth go away. Provide him things to chew on. Soft toys or blankets will feel good on their gums or sometimes something harder like a rope.



The skin of a puppy is different than our skin. That is the reason you shouldn’t bath a puppy too often. Once a month is a good guideline. Otherwise the skin might dry out. Use doggy shampoo or tear free baby shampoo. If your puppy is dirty from being outdoors, you can dry him with a towel, and leave him in his cage or laundry room to dry. When he is dry you can brush him and he will be good to go.




A lot of puppies and dogs need to be brushed regularly. Get a good brush and comb, and a small comb for the face hair. Take your puppy to the pet store and ask them advice about what kind of brush is the best for your puppy. We recommend you brush your puppy every day. In that way you are quickly done and it will not be a bad experience. It will also keep a lot of hair from your floor. Even “non-shedding” dogs will loose some hair. People are non shedding but we still loose some hair too.

Some puppies need grooming. How often you groom will depend on the look you prefer. The average puppy that needs grooming usually gets groomed about 3 to 4 times a year. Some people groom their own puppy, others go to a salon.



All dogs must be registered to your city by 4 months of age, but may vary. Please check out your city licensing information for exact ages. You may be able to register at the city hall or at some pet stores, as well as online.


Your puppy might whine the first night as he misses his mom and siblings. What can help is to buy him a stuffed animal, as big as he is.


Next shot is due:  ..........................................................................


Our puppies are vet-checked but only from outside. It is not uncommon that they might have a parasite. The infection chances are high in a litter. Although we do our best to let them go healthy.

There are 3 needles due before your puppy is fully vaccinated. Each about 4 weeks apart. So the second is due about  4 weeks after the last one that shows on the records. Please keep your puppy off public grass and park until they are fully vaccinated!! This is extremely important for puppies. Once they are fully vaccinated, they will have booster shots due once a year. Please contact your vet for full details, also about neutering and spaying ages. Call or ask around which Vet is good and not too expensive. Prices may vary.




Food/water dishes - Food - Leash and collar - Blanket

Various chew toys such as ropes, soft safe plush or plastic dog toys, etc

Puppy pillow(optional) - Crate (Optional, but recommended)

Puppy Pee Pads (when you choose to use them)

Puppy proof wires, stairs with baby gates, anything valuable etc.

Brush, comb, scissors with round edges for face hair.


Please e-mail us pictures and updates, we love to hear from you!